Chamber of Organic Producers

The Organic food is food produced by methods that meet the standards of organic farming.

The Standards vary around the world, but the organic farming is in practice where the cycle of applied resources is maintained, the ecological balance is promoted and the biodiversity is preserved.
In the 21st century, buyers are requesting from the manufacturers to provide special certification from relevant institutions in order to sell their food as organic.

The sale of food with an organic label is regulated by governmental food safety authorities, adopted by each state independently.

From an environmental point of view: the fertilizers, overproduction and the use of pesticides in conventional agriculture have a negative effect on the ecosystems, biodiversity, subterranean water and drinking water supplies.

Organic farming aims to minimize or avoid these environmental and health problems.

The demand for organic food is primarily driven by the consumers’ care for their personal health and the environment as well.

Macedonia is a country with great opportunities for organic food production.

In conditions of increased demand for organic food products, the Chamber of Organic Producers (COP) was established to harmonize the Macedonian standards of production, packaging, transport and trade of organic products with the international ones, to increase the area of ​​arable land used for organic production, to educate the producers and the consumers as well.

All our activities aim at using the huge potential that the Macedonian farmer possess in order to produce organic food.

Our Vision

Achieving its goals, the Chamber is seen as a Chamber with improved and incorporated standards and practice, actively involved in the changes and transformed in a permanent part of the system of Macedonian society, established communication with the government and the other actors in Macedonian society, the region and Europe.

Our Mission

The mission of the Chamber is to set up determined rules for organic production, communication system, networking and support with companies and individuals, continuous education and upgrading and strong impact on the accelerated flows of world experience and European funds towards public administration, enterprises, NGO sector and farmers for continuous improvement of the Macedonian economy as a whole.

Chamber of Organic Producers

Improving and promoting opportunities for development and improvement of organic production.

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